föstudagur, 7. nóvember 2008

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This was an exciting week with the election of Obama - we are really happy and my brother Bill put it this way: for the first time since November 22, 1963 when Kennedy was assassinated, he could think of the US without a knot in his stomach. It was like a great weight was lifted from all of us. I agreed remembering how depressing everything was after the assassination. The arrival of the Beatles helped, but the world still seemed to be spinning out of control into violence and chaos with the most unimaginable things happening and mostly bad news. Obama may actually be able to achieve what Lennon wrote about in Imagine. It puts a lot of expectation on him, but the fact that a black man could be elected and that he seems to have so much to offer is in itself a kind of cosmic shift. I hope he remains safe and whatever flaws he has he will accomplish some good. We might even be able to drop cynicism and adopt idealism and optimism. You young people must feel good about this.

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